Aestethics: thanks to the use of new technologies combined with the innovative design, it has been possible to make different rinsing cisterns from the usual ones available on the market.

Technique: up to day all producers suggested two typologies of rinsing cisterns : the backpack one or the walled up one. But a new and revolutionary typology of cistern was born thanks to the development of a registered idea: the half embedded cistern!

Functionality: the half embedded cistern proposes itself as the only alternative to the traditional backpack or walled up ones, by using the value of both of them. The half embedded cisterns , 2/3 of which is inserted in the wall in the space arranged with a receptable called “MARSUPIO” , can be replaced in a few minutes without wall reducing, and, therefore, with the minimum problems of the technical action.
From outside, it can remind the backpack cistern , but with a smallest incumbrance. Moreover, thanks to its innovative and fashionable design it can become an additional piece of furniture. Its characteristics allow to satisfy each exigence of the market, both in civil and public building.


The manufacturers warrant the good working of their cisterns for a five years period . Errepierre s.r.l. counts on an important Primary Insurance Company against damages occurred by the use of its own materials, and precisely against:

  • Manufacture faults

General Catalogue 2022

Catalogo generale 2022

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