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Errepierre welcomes you in our web site, where you can find the fullest range of flushing cisterns on the market.

Our products combine the technical experience with the largest professionality of Errepierre as well as the innovative design of notorious architect Paolo Schianchi.

They are able to change normal flushing system, joining easy usage and fashionable nice shape; actually, the half embedded flushing KANGOO allowed our firm to improve the qualities of the two existing flushing cistern typologies, that is, the embedded and the backpack one, making both installation and maintenance of the flushing elements much easier.

Take a look at the new built-in MAXIMA cistern, with the small size plate DIVA, available in several colours.

Errepierre follows up the path of innovation with the new range of Exhausting Flushing Cisterns, with the help of the exhaust fan SPIFFERO: these cisterns are able to eliminate bad odours before they expand around in the bathroom. Moreover, thanks to this innovative idea, it will be possible to avoid wasting heat by opening windows during cold months.

Errepierre proposes itself to a market with a series of aeration patented grills, with the brand , all of them extremely innovative and technical, compared to those known at present.

AERARE, unbreakable grills... AERARE shock-proof grills... AERARE grills have a remarkable anti-wind effect...

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